1. Gaofa Gases to ensure medical oxygen supply in Shenzhen

          Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in early 2020, the demand for medical oxygen in major hospitals in Shenzhen has risen continuously. At peak moments, hospital oxygen usage reached more than five times the peak of daily usage. According to WHO experts, in most cases, the new coronavirus causes the mild and self-limiting disease; some patients with severe disease have difficulty breathing because their lungs are infected and need to be kept alive by "oxygen" and other medical means, and finally, rely on the patient's own immunity to clear the virus. Oxygen can be an important tool in the treatment of new coronary patients, especially those who are seriously ill.


           At present, Gaofa Gases provides medical oxygen and home oxygen services to over 90% of medical institutions in the surrounding areas of Shenzhen, serving over 100 million patients. The standard of medical oxygen is quite high, with a purity of over 99.5%. In the many special inspections organized by provincial and municipal levels, the pass rate of Gaofa Gases' medical oxygen has been maintained at 100%.

          Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Gaofa Gases has been optimizing its production operations, increasing the load on the plant, and speeding up the production of medical oxygen required for the prevention and control of the epidemic. After a series of adjustments and optimization, Gaofa Gases is now able to produce 35 tonnes of medical oxygen per day, which is approximately 20% higher than its usual capacity. In order to guarantee the possible concentrated demand of customers, Gaofa Gases added several medical oxygen transport vehicles to ensure that it can supply to major hospitals at any time.

          In addition, in the face of the epidemic, major hospitals and new hospitals in the city generally have demand for new expansion and reconstruction of oxygen stations or systems, such as storage tanks, gas supply pipelines, and other supporting equipment. In response to the increased demand for medical oxygen in some key hospitals and the inadequacy of medical oxygen storage and delivery facilities and restricted oxygen pressure, Gaofa Gases has set up a medical oxygen expansion and renovation team, organized marketing, technical and project staff to go deep into the front line and adopt a combination of temporary and long-term solutions to provide new oxygen system renovation services.
          The war of prevention and control of the New Crown epidemic continues, and we cannot let down our guard at any time. As the largest medical liquid oxygen producer in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Gaofa Gases Co., Ltd. shoulders the social responsibility and mission to ensure the supply of medical liquid oxygen gas products to major hospitals in and around Shenzhen. We will always pay attention to the changes in the market demand of medical liquid oxygen in Shenzhen and the surrounding areas, understand the market and the gas demand of hospital customers every day, make good product distribution, and fully protect the demand of medical oxygen for hospitals and patients. Adhere to the production staff do not stop work, increase the supply of medical liquid oxygen products.

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