1. Gaofa Gases becomes the first board member of Shenzhen Hospital Logistics Research Centre

              On the morning of September 4, 2021, the inaugural meeting of Shenzhen Hospital Logistics Research Center was held. Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting as the first batch of governing units of the Shenzhen Hospital Logistics Research Centre, and congratulated the formal establishment of the Shenzhen Hospital Logistics Research Centre!

              "Shenzhen Hospital Logistics Research Centre" is a professional research institution initiated by more than 10 enterprises representing hospital logistics segments, focusing on building a hospital logistics communication platform and establishing hospital logistics industry standards. More than 20 experts in hospital logistics and representatives from various companies in the field were invited to join hands in this inaugural meeting to discuss and exchange ideas from hospital logistics construction in a multi-dimensional and in-depth manner. Hospital logistics is the core work around the overall construction and operation of the hospital, a series of work to ensure the normal implementation of medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, etc. It is an essential support system for the operation and development of the hospital, is to promote the recovery of patients' health conditions, is a strong guarantee of the work and life of medical and nursing, and is also an important part of hospital management.
              As a leading enterprise of medical gases in Shenzhen, Gaofa Gases has been providing medical oxygen and home oxygen services to more than 90% of medical institutions in Shenzhen and surrounding areas for a long time, and is the core of hospital logistics work, and has received strong support and affirmation from all walks of life and government authorities over the years.

                  The research centre read out the list of the first experts in the pool, all of whom are vice presidents and heads of public hospitals in Guangdong Province in charge of the logistics field. At the same time, Mr Xu Rufeng, Chairman of Shenzhen Gaofa Gases Co., Ltd, will be the first head of the Research Centre. At the conference, he said, "In the future, he will live up to his mission and lead his colleagues in the research centre to carry out good work according to the established strategic direction and objectives, build a good platform for the research centre, serve the enterprises and hospitals well, and spare no effort to promote the development of the hospital logistics industry."

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